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barbacco Regional Menu | Sicily

What makes Sicily such an unforgettable place is not just the endless beaches, or the magnificence of the Etna Volcano, but also the diverse cuisine. When you arrive on the island you will quickly learn that Sicilian food represents a mix of all the cultures that have occupied the island – Greek, Spanish, French and Arabic.


The wine and olives will remind you of Greece. Rice, almonds, couscous, and various spices have the taste of Arab rule.  Every culture has left its trace in Sicily, not only in art and architecture, but also in the kitchen.


Our regional menu features one of Sicily most famous dishes – Pasta alla Norma. The tasty and colorful recipe embodies all the flavors of the island: eggplant, ricotta cheese, tomatoes and basil. This incredible dish was named after the Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini’s opera, “Norma.”


Sicily is the home of Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna. The fertile slopes of the mountain produce olives, lemons, eggplants, pistachios, pinenuts, grapes and more. Although it may seem trivial, the mild Mediterranean climate makes a huge impact on the taste of vegetables and spices that are grown there.


From the moment you step on the island, a mix of odors will follow you wherever you go. A constant aroma of herbs and spices – rosemary, thyme, sage, nutmeg and saffron. To experience these rich flavors try our:


Funghi al Cartoccio, mushrooms roasted in parchment paper with anchovy, lemon and herbs.

Agnello con Caponata, seared lamb sirloin, served on eggplant caponata and topped with raisin-pinenut condimento.


Any meal served in Sicily would not be complete without a glass of wine! A few of barbacco’s favorite Sicilian wines are from grapes grown on the hills of Mount Etna.  Have a glass of Carricante, a fresh white with a hint of sulfur, or Etna Rosso, a vibrant red with a smokey edge.


Buon appetito!

Vincenzo Di Fuccia

barbacco Manager



RAMACCHE / Prosciutto and provolone fritters

FUNGHI AL CARTOCCIO / mushrooms roasted in parchment paper / lemon / anchovy / herbs

SALSICCIA SICILIANA / Roasted pork sausage / chili / oregano / peperonata

PASTA ALLA NORMA / short tube pasta / tomato sugo / eggplant / basil / ricotta

BUCATINI CON BROCCOLI / hollow strands / braised broccoli / anchovy / raisins / pine nuts

QUAGLIA CON MELAGRANA / quail / stuffed with pomegranate / roasted squash / sage

AGNELLO CON CAPONATA / seared lamb sirloin / eggplant caponata / raisin-pine nut condimento


Pear of Drams

1 ½ oz Zaya Rum

½ oz Drambuie

½ oz lemon juice

2 dashes house made cinnamon bitters

2 oz pear cider

Garnish: lemon wheel


Shake and double strain over rocks in an Old Fashioned glass, top with cider.


Drambuie is an aged scotch that has been infused with herbs, spices and heather honey. It is still a secret recipe since it was first brought to Scotland in 1745. Even today only a few people know the exact recipe at the production facility. Drambuie has aromas of scotch and honey, with flavors of herbs, spices and honey.


Mi Piace 2.0

1 ½ oz Cappelletti aperitivo
1 ½ oz oloroso sherry
3 dashes orange bitter
Garnish: Orange peel
Stir over ice, strain in Nick/Nora glass


Cappelletti Aperitivo is a trebbianao wine based aperitif. The aperitif has been made by the same family for the past four generations in the Alto Adige region of Italy. Cappelletti Aperitivo has qualities of slightly sweet, citrus and herbatiousness, with a mild bitter finish. Other uses would be in a Negroni replacing the Campari or in a spritz.

Right Direction | Trail Marker Wine Co.

Post by Lorraine Castillo, Perbacco Wine Director
Photo: James Tensuan, Special To The Chronicle


Perbacco has always been known for its classic Piemonte driven wine list featuring historical and legendary winemakers but we also feature an interesting and varied selection of California wines. During my time as Wine Director here at Perbacco, I have made it a priority to seek out small production wineries that are making food friendly, restrained style wine with personality and perspective. Trail Marker Wine Co. is one of these wineries.


Trail Marker is a new and upcoming winery sourcing their grapes from lesser-known vineyard sites throughout California. Emily Virgil and Drew Huffine make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Santa Cruz and are now starting to experiment with more esoteric varietals such as Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch.


Perbacco was the first in San Francisco to feature their wines and we look forward to watching Trail Marker grow. We hope to share more of their unique wines with you in the future.


Check out the recent article from the San Francisco Chronicle featuring Trail Marker Wine Co.



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