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    Italy’s southern region of Campania is famous for many things – pizza, pasta & mozzarella – just to name a few. When you think of pizza you think of Napoli or Naples – Italy’s third largest city – and the birthplace of the Margherita pizza. This colorful coastal region is also known for great dishes made with fresh simple ingredients like pasta, vegetables, and lots of seafood.


    Whether you are in Salerno, the Amalfi Coast, or Naples, you will find the most scenic landscape and an abundance of fish and seafood (octopus, squid, mussels, and clams). The current Regional Menu at barbacco is featuring a selection of the most traditional dishes of the coastal region – Linguine Alle Vongole, Zuppa Di Pesce, and Insalata Di Frutta Di Mare.


    When it comes to Italians (speaking as one) and our love of cheese, Mozzarella is king. Mozzarella di Bufala is produced in the province of Caserta, just north of Naples. If you take the train from Rome to Naples you can smell this famous cheese being produced as you travel south through the region.


    On the way into the city of Naples you will see Mount Vesuvius, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. The fertile volcanic soil of Campania mixed with a perfect climate produces some of the best fruits and vegetables of the region. Of course, this makes for some flavorful and distinctive wines, both red and white. The most famous red grape of the region is Aglianico. Falanghina is a crisp and aromatic white, which pairs well with the fresh seafood dishes of this southern region.


    We invite you to join us at barbacco while our Campania Regional Menu is available and have a taste of this colorful region.



    Salute e buon appetite!

    Vincenzo Di Fuccia

    barbacco Manager



    INSALATA CAPRESE / mozzarella di bufala / heirloom tomatoes / basil / extra virgin olive oil

    SUPPLI / fried carnaroli rice croquettes with ragu napoletana

    INSALATA DI FRUTTI DI MARE / seasonal shellfish salad with lemon and olive oil

    LINGUINE ALLE VONGOLE / pasta strands with clams / cherry tomatoes / garlic / chili pepper

    SPAGHETTI ALLA PUTTANESCA / pasta strands with spicy tomato sauce / anchovy / capers / olives

    “ZUPPA DI PESCE” / Neapoletan fish and shellfish stew / tomatoes / garlic / chili pepper and white wine

    “CONIGLIO ALL’ISCHITANA” / rabbit braised with tomato / white wine / basil / chili pepper



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