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CUESA’s Summer Celebration

Sunday, June 14

Join CUESA in kicking off the summer harvest. (more…)

50 Vegetarian/Vegan Things to Eat Before You Die

Raviora Filled With Meyer Lemon Ricotta, Spring Peas, Young Onion, & Chrysanthemum

Featured in 7×7, April 2015.

The Most Interesting Negroni-Themed Foods During SF Negroni Week

“Caramel, Campari and sweet vermouth coated popcorn tossed in a gin-inspired spiced salt blend of juniper, coriander seed, cardamom, licorice root and cubeb pepper”

Featured on Inside Scoop, May 2015.

6 Ways to Eat Negronis During Negroni Week

A Campari caramel and gin-spiced salt (think juniper, coriander, cardamom and licorice root) cover this ultimate bar snack.

Featured in Food & Wine, May 2015.


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